21 Mar 2014

Spring blossom,

I made this new bag,
With spring blossom and
Have a great spring weekend.
groetjes Heleen

10 Mar 2014

Hello my name is Roos

I'm a one of a kind, sweet original cloth doll.
Corry made me of 100 % cotton fabrics and stuffed me with polyfill.
I have a cute hand embroidered face and button attached arms and legs.
My hair is made from wool. 

Here i'm with my doggie


I like to work with my "crochet" apron on.

But when I'm done I love to go outside and enjoy the beautiful



7 Mar 2014


Yesterday I was in Antwerpen.
 And I can never leave this beautifull city without a visit to;
Maison fondée en 1862,
Making the best and beautiful macarons.
 I bought a small box with 6 different flavors..
 To take home for a typical Dutch sisters tea moment
with my doughter and Corry
 So we made everything ready.....
and while waiting for Corry...
....we tasted the first one with raspberry flavor.
 Hmmm so delicious..
 Oh, why not try one more.. Mint flavor...
 Ok, now we have four left to share with three..
We better eat one more
 so we each have one when Corry arrives..
 What is taking her soooo long....
This one smells like mokka.
 Oh gosh...
 Now better eat these last two also...
 before she arrives...
....... there still must be some cookies
 in the cookie jar.
 I think I hear her just now...
hopefully she'll understand when she sees the empty bag..
the innocent guilty sister.

5 Mar 2014

Sewing and cleaning,

After a few sewing days I always need to...
 ..clean and redecorate a little.
 Here my latest project.
Enjoy your day.

4 Mar 2014

Kids art,

We made these lovely baboushka's with the children
(5 & 6 year) in our class.
We used crayons, gouache and waterpaint. 

 They are the best artist ever!
This bag is in our shop.
 Groetjes everyone.

2 Mar 2014

Sweet deer,

Isn't this a sweety,
 Just finished it for the shop.
Enjoy your day.

26 Feb 2014


I spend my time behind the sewing machine
and made a tea house cosy
with flowery lining


and after a short (sweet) break.....
I play mix and match to put this pillow together
I love how it turned out
size is oblong 60cm by 34 cm
I used embroidered birds and pieces of a vintage tablecloth
and patchwork squares for the back
it will be in our etsy store
It was a good day...
How was yours...hope it was lovely too..
Groeten, Corry

19 Feb 2014

New bag,

The scene on this bag gives me
a spring feeling,


8 Feb 2014

A visit to Amsterdam,

This week I spoiled myself with a
lovely day to Amsterdam.
I went to the restored and recently reopend
It was overwelming beautifull! 
In the museum shop I almost bought this couple..
 And this Delft blue tulip vase..
But I settled with these pictures!
I saw these cute dogs in the window
 I took a walk by the 'Negen straatjes' with cute litte shops.
 Bought beautiful fabrics
and ate delicious pastries..
I had a wonderful day!
This new bag is in our shop.

Enjoy your weekend,
groetjes, Heleen
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