13 Oct 2014


Just some pictures
autumn colors
shades of green
circle in square blanket
XL crochet granny square cushions
crochet tablecloths
autumn plate
   beautiful brooches in cross stitch
foto from Marie Claire magazine
Have a good start of the week.

4 Oct 2014

Crossover windmillbag,

In our Etsy shop,

♥ Enjoy this beautiful day ♥

30 Sep 2014

First grade,

This Dutch house bag is finished and in our shop
another crossover bag
 with windmill is comming soon.
 This year I work
in first grade.
 The reading proces is like a little miracle!
Learning new letters and words is like magic. 
And I think it's great to look for creative ways
of processing all this
v i s (fish) with a wiggle tail
 i k (me)
 s o k (sock)
I think these kids are the best reading artist!

25 Sep 2014


Hi everyone,
 There's a new Bird Bag.
 It's in our shop.
I love Birds on a Bag!
Don't you?

22 Sep 2014

A special quilt,

I'm working on a cute friendship/wedding quilt.
I was asked to do a workshop for a bride and their friends,
They wanted a special gift for the bride!
So while the bride searched for her favorite colors and fabrics,
the friends each embroidered something personal
on a little
piece of cotton-linnen fabric.
Some of them never touched a needle... 
 I think it's going to be a lovely quilt!
And what a glorious feeling will it be 
to lie under a little quilt
made with the love of friends.

22 Aug 2014

Is it fall yet?

It sure feels like fall here.
Rain, wind, more rain and its cold!
Perfect weather to snuggle up on the couch under a warm blanket
and crochet granny squares

Latest finish...
Have a lovely weekend.
... with a little sunshine!

20 Aug 2014


Roses are one of my favorite flowers,
And for several years I tried to grow them in our garden..
Beautiful colorful, wonderful fragrant roses...
unfortunately me and growing roses.. it's no good.
They get fungi, lice.. they never look like that picture!
Guess I better stick with sewing roses.
This cute couple is in the shop.

19 Aug 2014

Back again,

After a great break.. we are back again.
 During the vacation we found the most
beautiful embroideries.
The last few days it has been raining...
so perfect weather to sew bags for the shop,
 With all the rain outside..
 I brought a litlle sun (flowers) inside.
 Hopefully there will be sun tomorrow..
If not.... you know what I'll be doing!

13 Jun 2014

Just random pictures

Of flowers in a garden (not mine)
Crochet circles that looked like flowers
A finished "petite granny square blanket no 4" on a hanger in the tree
It's soft and the light blended grey wool makes the other colors so vibrant
Crossover bag with bird - new in our shop
A matching cute wallet (new)
And yet for another blanket...Making more squares!
Have a wonderful weekend!
groetjes, Heleen en Corry
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