2 Oct 2015

New bag,

 This bag,
is in our Etsy shop.
Enjoy your day.

1 Oct 2015

Little folklore quilt

 This little folklore quilt is made from
cut out embroidery pieces of an old tablecloth
and lovely red-white-pink and blue printed fabrics.
  it turned out looking fresh, bright and cheerful
It's always so much fun to assemble these little quilts
by going through all the fabric piles.
 Also a good reason to tidy up the place a bit..
Or just make more mess..(lol)
Have a great day!

30 Sep 2015

Crochet overload

Finished another cushion
It's my fourth WIP cushion I tackled this month.

These two above and
also one in shades of blue 

just love the scalloped edging
Have a lovely evening...
I'm off to crochet.

27 Sep 2015

A sunny day,

It's a nice and sunny day!
I'm enjoying a fabulous cup of tea from 
Great smelling fresh herbs in a small bag!
 There is a bit of summer and autumn in my garden.
Kids art from my class.
Enjoy your sunny Sunday!


24 Sep 2015


I posted about this book on my previous blog about 6 years ago.
Every now and then I pick it from the shelf
 and browse through it looking for new flowers i can crochet
the book contains both simple and more advanced patterns
I try the complicated ones but somehow I miss the skills.
Love to make a large vase with flowers one day..
Like this one below.
Untill then I keep practicing!
Have a lovely evening!

23 Sep 2015


One of the last pink dahlias in the garden
Shades of green crochet cushion
More autumn colors
And a little helper in my kitchen making autumn cookies!
Can't wait to taste one...

22 Sep 2015


We are happy 
to be back 
 blogging again! 
two new bags!
 Enjoy your day.

9 May 2015


just want share some pictures....
From a new Dutch bag.
Look at the birds the kids at school made.
Spring is everywhere!

 And a picture from my latest thrift catch.
Enjoy your weekend. 

3 Mar 2015


purple, pink and white tulips

Square for square...
my blanket is slowly growing

Nothing is wasted...
little bits and pieces just enough to make small squares
The only thing i hate are those
loose ends.. don't you?
Have a lovely day : )

27 Feb 2015


I have the flowers..
fresh from he market
The Marie Claire magazine for inspiration and ideas
 Like this gorgeous flower bag
I've  lots of crochet projects waiting
and a quilt on my hoop
have a wonderful weekend too!
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